Submitting a Grooming Quote

About the Grooming Quote

We groom dogs under 50 pounds.  Unfortunately we can not accept dogs over the 50 pound weight limit.

Submitting a Grooming Quote is the first step toward the convenience of at-home dog grooming service with Curbside Clippers.

How to submit an estimate quote:

There are many times when people fill out the estimate form that they do not double-check the email address or phone number. If you leave off the phone number and mistype the email address and it bounces back that is a problem. If you type in the phone number but no email address and the phone number is incorrect or there is no area code as happens many times, another problem. Please take the time to double-check your typing so that I can get in contact with you in some fashion.

What is a major cross street?

The estimate form says major cross streets ONLY not address. Since I do not know what city you live in an address does not help. I do try my best to get emails and phone calls done in a timely fashion as possible so please only leave the major cross street. That leaves me the ability to contact people faster and we do not have to exchange emails or voice mails with me asking what really big intersection are you near. What does that mean?

A major cross street would be in Englewood such as Belleview and Broadway or in Parker, Main Street, and Parker Road or in Aurora, Mississippi, and Chambers. Eagle and Radcliff or Kettle and Smith are going to be the streets in your neighborhood which I would have no idea where you are.