Scheduling an Appointment

Information about scheduling an appointment with Curbside Clippers

We groom dogs under 50 pounds.  Unfortunately we can not accept dogs over the 50 pound weight limit.

Why does it take so long to get an appointment?

I have over 180 regular clients which totals over 250 dogs. All those people are pre-booked with standing appointments six months at a time. Those clients always have their day and time slot and they are never given away. Any new client is booked in around those standing appointments. Unless you are on the six months, pre-booked schedule there will always be a 2.5 – 3 week waiting time. I do have a waiting list but the reality is unless someone moves or a dog sadly dies, people try their best to never reschedule since they know it is next to impossible to get back in until their next scheduled appointment.

How are appointments booked?

I work different days of the week in different parts of the city. One day it is Lowry, next day Parker, next day SE Aurora, etc. In order to get the maximum amount of dogs groomed per day, save as much fuel as possible the shortest drive time in-between appointments there are no more than 8 minutes between appointments. I cannot be working in Parker, drive to Lowry for one dog and drive back to the office 30 minutes in the opposite direction.

Missing Appointments

All appointments require a 24-hour notice of cancellation and you will be billed for that appointment before another can be rescheduled.