Leaving Phone Messages

I realize that it is amazing that there is actually a link titled “How To Leave A Phone Message” but there really is a reason. I receive a great many emails and phone calls per day, out of those phone calls I will get at least three without phone numbers. In order to get your phone calls returned as quickly as possible please leave only your name, phone number, major cross streets and type of dog you have. Curbside Clippers is a land line with voice mail, between all the vendor calls, grooming calls, blocked numbers, solicitations, etc., there is no way to guess by caller ID.

Why Don’t You Have Someone Answering The Phone?

I tried that idea 30 years ago. I need to speak with the person and ask all the pertinent questions, medical issues, allergies, type of coat if a mixed breed, etc. Since I am the one grooming the dog after 38 years I know the questions to ask. Some company that only takes name and number will not help anyone. Between emails and phone calls it can be upwards to three hours a day on the phone and not get everything returned.

Why Don’t You Answer The Phone During The Day?

I will never take my hands or eyes off a dog once they are in the van. They do not need broken bones jumping out of the bathtub or off the grooming table or knocking their little teeth out. When I am working on someone’s pet they get my undivided attention just as you would want me to give your pet. I also will not be on the phone while I am driving, not to mention the safety issue if I call in-between appointments I will never get any dogs groomed.