If you would like to be on a waiting list, please either leave your name, number, type of dog and major cross streets or fill out the contact estimate form. Please be aware there is a 50 pound weight limit and please check the service area map to see if you are within the limits of service.

Phone: 303-798-4888


We are currently serving ONLY the areas in South Aurora and East Centennial, please see these areas within the map below. If you have more questions about your specific area, please give us a call: 303-798-4888

*NOTE: About Voicemails

Gone are the good old days of analog mobile phones that let you call in a canyon and people could hear you without… HELLO, HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME? I receive many messages that sound fine to you but all I hear on my landline is “my name is???, I have ???, my num??? 3-2??-??? 6.” If you don’t receive a return call by day 2 please call back and repeat the number twice.