"Your Pets Feel At Home
Because They Are At Home"

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I can proudly say Curbside Clippers© was the first mobile pet grooming service in the state of Colorado and the third in the US. It is not a franchise. It is and always has been, owner-operated. There is no out-of-state 1-800 number taking your calls. I know your neighborhood, know where the local vets and animal hospitals are, the local rescue groups, animal events and even have pet recommendations specific to your area. As clients know, I always show up for the appointment and usually arrive early.

I started this service in 1984 for two reasons. The first was that I could not stand the thought of all those furry little faces stuffed in cages all day. The second reason was that I was told I could not do it, that the idea would never work. Well, 29 years later…

Serving South Aurora, E. Centennial

Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Voted Best of 5280 Groomers

Celebrating 35 Years in Business!

Why Mobile Pet Grooming?

For Your Pet

The stress level for your pet is dramatically reduced. Leaving your pet in a store front usually is a 5-8 hour ordeal. Most of that time is spent in a cage with ringing phones, loud noises and barking dogs. They are usually handled by 3 or 4 different people in the grooming process and then placed again in the cage to wait.With Curbside Clippers there is only personal attention given to your pet without all the distractions that go with a store front. They are never caged, never have to wait their turn and do not have to be away from home for the entire day. Usually within one hour they are back inside the house. I never have nor will I use TRANQUILIZERS or NOOSES.

For Your Convenience

If you do not want to look and feel like this frantic cat from fighting traffic, accidents, or adverse weather—give us a ring.With the busy schedules people have today, taking time to make four trips to the grooming shop becomes more and more a difficult exercise. Once the pet, owners and groomer all know each other, the owners usually do not need to be home. They can go to work, run their errands, come home to a groomed pet. For those who cannot drive or depend on others for their transportation, it makes things much easier for them.

Service Areas and Contact

We are currently serving ONLY the areas in South Aurora and East Centennial, please see these areas within the map below. If you have more questions about your specific area, please give us a call: 303-798-4888

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