Colorado Tax Donations For Pets and Other

Colorado Tax Donations for Pets

Colorado tax donations for pets information below applies to the State of Colorado. As many know, you have had the option to add to your State return several donation funds that would be added to your tax bill even if you owed State taxes. Colorado has two animal fund options: the Colorado Pet Over Population Fund and the Unwanted Horse Fund.

CO legislature and CO Department of Revenue made changes to that long-standing option last year. Unless you are receiving a refund, you CANNOT add ANY donation amounts with any of the special funds they have listed. You must be receiving a refund to now participate.

Option 1: The two animal funds are the Colorado Pet Over Population fund who also receives the monies from the plates many have to Adopt A Shelter Pet which helps with veterinary care. You can donate directly to them with the following link of The Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF).

Option 2: The other one was the Unwanted Horse Fund helping at-risk, abandoned and abused horses. You can donate directly to them following this link Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance