Professional Referrals

I am very particular about who touches any of my kids and search high and low, sometimes for months until the right person is accepted. Below are people that I have had a great deal of success with.

Pet Sitter and Dog Walking

After many failed attempts at finding a pet sitter/dog walker/ in-home pet sitter I finally found someone who is a winner.  They are a husband and wife team, I have referred them to others with the same amount of success that I have had, reliable, trustworthy and animals love them.  Below is their link:

Dog Chiropractic

Many dog chiropractors have long retired so finding one was not a simple task.  Dr. Vicki Souder does not only house calls but you can go to her in one of two locations.  Her link is below: 

Dogs With Severe IBD

I almost had to put my dog down from severe, close to deadly IBD, (five ER visits in one year.)  Vet after vet everyone had the same old ideas.  Within days of putting him down I did an online search.  Please understand there is a difference between IBD and IBS.  I found Dr. Merry Gibson by looking up fecal implants.


She said, although a long way to go, fecal implants will greatly improve his life and assured me he would not have to be put down.  If you have a similar issue I would strongly encourage a visit.  There is not much she does not know about the gut of a animal.  Link below: