Service Pricing Explained

We groom dogs under 50 pounds.  Unfortunately we can not accept dogs over the 50 pound weight limit.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing starts at $85  – $135.  I will come out and cut just nails for $15.00 IF I happen to be in that area, and IF that day allows me some extra time to come by in-between appointments.

It is impossible to give anything but a price range over the phone because it depends on the breed, size of the dog, haircut, behavior, how long in- between the dog was last groomed, weight and coat condition, etc.  For example, if I have a really wonderfully maintained Westie who is groomed on a regular basis, brushed very well in-between grooming’s, does not try to rip my face off or I am not wrestling the entire time that dog will cost less than the exact opposite of that. I always give price ranges from best to worst case and the same with the duration of the grooming. Some people underestimate the weight of their dog, I arrive and instead of being about 70 pounds is over 100 pounds, that is one of the reasons for the price ranges as well as the type of cut they say on the phone is not actually what they want when I arrive.


I prefer checks, cash second and charge cards but that is an additional 3.5%. Charge and cash are two different prices.