Seriousness of Dog Bites

Cellulitis – Bacterial Infection from Dog Bite

The first picture is of my right hand, with arthritis and no tan, just an average looking hand. After that photo are pictures of what can happen to a dog bite within 4 hours of getting a bite. Best case, IV antibiotics can save your arm, next option is surgery and if the infection cannot be controlled, bye, bye arm up to the elbow. People, when your dog bites or nips, IT IS NOT CUTE OR FUNNY it is very dangerous.


The two pictures below are of my left hand only four hours, yes 4, after the bite.

Hand with no Bite

This is what can happen depending on the amount of bacteria the animal has. This dog had rotten teeth. You will notice how small the wound is which is in the center of my hand. The purple ink is where the hospital outlined to keep track of the swelling. These two are photos after the second round of antibiotic IV which are necessary every 7 hours in ER.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download



Four Hours After Dog Bite

This is cellulitis which is a bacterial infection under the skin. If you are allergic to animals as I am it further complicates the problem. Other than antibiotics, the only solution is to keep the hand from movement and keep it elevated above your heart.


Swelling From Small Bite