Protect Your Dog From Theft



I am not even going to try to put this politically correct as is the norm today. People, PLEASE DO NOT be stupid! Dog theft season is here again so PLEASE try and follow at least some of the below ideas.

  1. Do not leave your pet outside without someone with them. If all you have is a chain link fence, your pet is a very visual target.
  2. If your pet starts barking and you are inside, immediately go outside to ascertain why they are barking.
  3. Have your pet micro chipped at your vets office. IF YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE REGISTRATION FEE IT IS POINTLESS!
  4. Do not leave your pet unattended in your car while you are shopping. Not only in the summer can they die from the heat but people will and so break into cars to grab the dog.


If you believe your pet has been stolen, here are helpful steps:

  1. Contact the police in the city or town you are in and file a report.
  2. Make flyers with pictures of your pet, include different views, point out all markings, approximate age and any other possible identification.
  3. Go in person, not via phone and visit as many shelters, vet clinics and hospitals in your area as possible, inform them of what has happened and give them a copy of the flyer.
  4. Post flyers around your area.
  5. Contact as many kids as you can in your area. Kids are a great source of info since they are out and about so much.
  6. Oddly, post on eBay and Craigslist
  7. Go to the following web sites: