Summer Heat Is Deadly To Dogs

How many times do people have to say, summer heat is deadly to dogs?  


PLEASE KEEP YOUR FURRY FRIENDS AT HOME!  Leaving your dog in the car for a “quick” errand can kill them and does!


Below are a few hopefully helpful reminders about the 95 – 100 degree heat we get in the Denver area in regards to your pets. But first please read very carefully the next paragraph.

I spend a great deal of my time in the summer actually not grooming. Last year in a five-day span, I kicked in 7 car windows to get the dogs out of locked cars in parking lots with windows left open only 4 inches. Three died after I got them out. If you happen to walk out into a parking lot after being in a nice air-conditioned “shopping mall” and you come running and screaming because someone is kicking the window out of your car. Please do not tempt me. And many humans still utter those words… “but they are just dumb animals”.

Truly, never have I met a dumb animal. In 38 years I truly cannot say that about a human. Please for those who do this heinous thing and happen to read this, sit in your car parked on hot pavement. Have the windows down only about 3-4 inches. Oh, that water bottle you have, please pour all that out in the parking lot. Now, just sit in that closed car for the next half hour.

Summer is here and so is the heat! As a reminder… PLEASE keep in mind our furry little friends. Even if you have air conditioning, taking your pet with you in this heat can put them at risk. The temperature in a parked vehicle can reach over 125 degrees in less than 8 minutes. This can be deadly for any animal. Unless you can keep the vehicle running and have a spare key so you can lock your vehicle, please try to leave your pets at home.

  • If you are one of the lucky people who have central air, then the rest of us who do not are all moving in with you. For those who happen to have a window air conditioner, keep your pet in that room.
  • Animals do not sweat like humans do, they expel heat by panting. PLEASE do not walk your dogs in the heat of the day. Early in the morning and late in the evening will prevent them from getting heat stroke as well as hurting their little paws. Better yet, when you walk your dog in the heat of the day owner person, please leave your shoes and socks at home. If you think your dog can do it, well then, you should not have a problem.
  • Never leave them locked in a small room without ventilation OR A CRATE!
  • Keep your shades/blinds or curtains closed during the day.
  • If you have any type of portable fan, keep it running to circulate the air. NOTE: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CAT PEOPLE! Make sure it is high enough that dogs cannot chew on the cord or get caught in it in any fashion
  • Make sure when you arrive back home you change the water bowls with new cool water. It will not hurt to put a few ice cubes in the water bowl during the day.
  • Before you leave and when you return, wet them down lightly with water, either with a wet towel or spray bottle. The later also not recommended for cat people unless person and cat have a grand sense of humour.
  • For those who keep the “dog” outside all day: Well, first of all they should not be locked out of the house all day and night. At least make sure there is shelter. That would mean something other than a tree with leafs. That would mean a covered area out of the direct sun whatever position it is in during the day. Also invest $6.00 for a baby pool so they can at least walk or lie down in it during the day. Make sure there is a large fresh water bowl available.

Note on author: The advantage of opinions is they cannot be wrong and they cannot be right. Consequently all written material is strictly my opinion based on over 30 years working with animals. I do not believe in “experts” for one finds out quickly that there is always someone who is smarter, better educated and a wider life experience. If I was an expert and knew everything I would opt to be dictator of the world, not working with animals. I do not believe in statistics since for every con argument there are equal pro arguments to challenge those statistics. Consequently rarely, if ever do I use them.

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